A Thoreau Scholar in the Antarctic surrounded by penguins


Q. When does the online application open?
A. The online application opens on October 15th.

Q. When is the application deadline?
A. You must submit your online application as well as any supplementary materials by February 1st.

Q. Can applications be hand-delivered?
A. No. Only online applications will be accepted. If we request any supplementary materials, you may mail them to us at 265 Medford Street, Suite 102, Somerville, MA 02143.

Q. What are your ETS and ACT codes so I can send my test scores?
A. The Thoreau Foundation currently does not require SAT or ACT scores. If you still wish to submit test scores, our ETS Code is 4269 and ACT Code is 6977. Deciding to submit or not submit your standardized test scores will not affect the review of your application.

Q. Do my references have to be sent separately?
A. No. Please complete our reference requests as directed by the online application.

Q. How/when will I be notified about my scholarship status?
A. You will receive notification via email by April 30th.