Students in Madagascar

Program Overview

The Thoreau Foundation seed-funds visionary programs at U.S. undergraduate institutions that foster environmental leadership and engaged scholarship. Our Faculty Grant Program has developed strong alliances with leading colleges and universities, strengthening our environmental network and amplifying our impact.

Grants of up to $40,000 are available. Faculty Grant proposals must focus on undergraduate students – and the more undergraduates involved the better. We seek proposals for projects that can grow institutional legs, not pitch one-hit wonders. We favor programs that provide hands-on research and leadership opportunities, and we are particularly interested in funding those that include the following:

  • Projects that develop new branches of environmental programs at colleges and universities.
  • Seminal initiatives that require start-up funding and can then be sustained at the home institution with future funding.
  • Programs that strengthen partnerships with community organizations, institutions, governmental organizations, and/or businesses to develop sustainable collaborations with colleges or universities.

Grant proposals are by invitation only.