• Thoreau Scholar Katrina Malakhoff SCUBA dives in a coral reef.
  • Thoreau Scholar Ross Lieb-Lappen views penguins in Antarctica.
  • Thoreau Scholar Skylar Behr prepares a test sample in a lab.
  • Chris studies a tranquilized Tenrec, an animal often caught for meat in Madagascar.
  • Thoreau Scholars review a field manual onboard a sailboat as part of a Sea Education Experience (SEA) program.

The Henry David Thoreau Foundation is a charitable trust that propels environmental leadership across disciplines. Through scholarships and grants we strengthen the ability of undergraduate students and professors to pursue collective study of environmental issues and promote more creative action.

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After earning her Ph.D. in Biological Oceanography through a joint program between MIT and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Amalia Aruda Almada, Thoreau Scholar/Georgetown University Class of 2009, recently began a Knauss fellowship with the National Ocean Service, Policy & Constituent...Read more